Harry Styles, Miracle Worker: His Kiss Brings Back Mute Girl's Voice

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Well, Saint Harry Styles strikes again. We always guessed Harry's kiss had healing powers, but this story kind of blew our mind: a girl who has not spoken for six months said Harry's magic touch restored her voice.

Metro reports that 15-year-old Laura Yeates lost her voice from laryngitis and pharyngitis and has been mute for six months, despite multiple trips to the hospital and speech therapy sessions. Her mom took her to see One Direction at Wembley Stadium and it was Harry's kiss that cured all.

Laura explained: "On the day of the concert I was slightly upset because I would not be able to enjoy the atmosphere as much as the rest of the crowd. But we got so close to the stage and as Harry came over, he chucked water over us. I tried to scream, just to make him notice me, and when he blew a kiss in my direction, a scream came out."

So...wow. She said from there her "voice was coming back more and more," while her mom cried over the miracle unfolding before her very eyes. The family owes it all to a boyband, go figure, as Laura's mom explained, "I wasn't a big fan but I am now. She went in not talking and she came out talking, and she hasn't stopped."

Laura noted that "No psychiatrist, no speech and language, no doctor or nurse could bring my voice back, but One Direction could."

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