Lindsay Lohan Is Ready to Prove That She's an Actress, Not a Tabloid Headline

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Lindsay Lohan thinks that we all need to just get over her already - but, if you're reading this story, you're probably like us and you're not ready to say goodbye just yet.

The good news is that she only wants us to get over her as far as her personal life is concerned, we're still allowed to be interested in her work. In fact, that's the only thing she wants us to be interested in, which shouldn't be too hard because that's how we all came to love LiLo in the first place.

In a new interview with the BBC, the actress (who is currently living in London) opened up about her first big post-rehab gig explaining how important it is to her and how she's hoping this will make everyone see how much she's changed.

"I want to be known for my talents and my work that I create, rather than a tabloid sensation," she told them. Well, that's pretty much up to her, isn't it?

Fortunately, it sounds like she's working hard to maintain a lifestyle that will get her written about for all the right reasons this time around. "I don't put myself in situations where I used to," she explained. "In LA, when people go out at night, that's all you do. It's different now. I've matured and there's nothing really left in that life for me."

She also explained that it's different in London because the media focuses more on news, music and politics than celebrity gossip. How boring! Just kidding, if that is helping her stay on track, we think it's awesome...and we really do hope we see the day where we get to write about Lindsay's incredible career comeback.
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