Emma Stone's Late Grandfather Haunts Her...With Quarters

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It's no secret Emma Stone is obsessed with ghosts.

What we didn't know is that the Amazing Spider-Man 2 star has been getting visits from her late grandfather who leaves presents behind after he shows up.

When David Letterman asked the actress on the Late Show if she's had any supernatural encounters, Emma said, "I've had a few...things materializing. There's a long history with quarters. My grandfather leaves quarters...and it's him. It's absolutely him."

Rather than try to tell the lengthy story behind her grandfather's visits, Emma said instead she finds it exciting that it can't be explained. "That's the joy of it; it's not a logical thing," she said. "It's magical. Like ectoplasm."

Just when David thought he was the only one that didn't know the exact definition of ectoplasm, it appeared that Emma didn't either, saying slowly, "Ectoplasm is a milky substance...that...that...indicates someone has been there."

This is all fitting considering that back in April, Emma admitted with morbid things like ghosts and death since she was a kid. So much so that she used to hang out in graveyards in her hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona.

"I was always in cemeteries when I was a kid," she told the UK's Guardian. "I was really into spooky things like ghosts and death. It makes you live more fully if you are aware that you only have a finite amount of time. I have had an awareness of mortality since I was around six or seven. If it's not been in the forefront of my mind, it has at least been creeping over my shoulders."

Emma has yet to appear in a scary movie yet, but it has to be coming.
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