Kim Kardashian Posts Topless Tanning Photo With Abbey Wilson

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Lookin' good, girls!

Kim Kardashian just posted this photo of herself and pal Abbey Wilson sunbathing at what appears to be Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis' mansion in Mexico. Joe, of course, is Abbey's boyfriend and the two are expecting twins together.

Anyway, back to the photo. We're going to guestimate and say that at least 80% of Kim's butt is revealed in the skimpy bikini bottoms, which we believe is a record. As for the top - Kim decided to go full Girls Gone Wild-style and whip it off.

In what was perhaps a fleeting moment of modesty before the pic was taken, Kim swept her hair over what would have been some very serious sideboob.

Speaking of taking the picture, who gets photo cred? It's obviously not a selfie, so who was the lucky pic-snapper? Joe? Kris Jenner? We're suddenly infinitely more intrigued by who was behind the camera than who was actually in front of it.

As for what Kim was reading - she might still be working on this one from her 2011 California tourism commercial.

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