Selena Gomez Gets a New Tattoo: Is It a Message to Justin Bieber?

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Selena Gomez is all about cryptic messages these days, so is that what her new tattoo is too? The singer/actress just got a new ink job and many think it's message is aimed towards her rocky relationship with Justin Bieber.

According to E! News, Selena got the tattoo a month ago and it was done by Bieber's infamous tattoo artist, Bang Bang McCurdy. The tat is located on Sel's back, and he said that she's wanted it for awhile.

So what did she get on her? It's a simple message in Arabic. "Its meaning translates to 'Love Yourself,'" Bang Bang shared. It appears to be an Arabic translation of the phrase "Love Yourself First."

Bang Bang inked Selena in NYC after she came in "with a couple of friends." "Selena already had it written out how she wanted," he added.

"The tattoo is about 4 inches, and didn't take too long, probably about 30-45 minutes. The longest part is laying it out. We played with it a bit laying it out, until we found the perfect spot."

What do you think about Selena's new ink job? Think it symbolizes moving on from her relationship with the Biebs?
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