The Case of the Disappearing Zipper: Did Kim Kardashian Photoshop This Pic?

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Kim Kardashian is certainly no stranger to accusations that she's Photoshopped her own Instagram pics.

In this case, the reality star posted a throwback photo from 2010, along with a nostalgic caption about her #SkinnyDays and the Photoshop accusations started to fly almost immediately.

Kim's version (right) was definitely modified in some way because the original version (left) was actually flipped, but that can be done with even the most basic Instagram apps, so that doesn't really tell us all that much. For the sake of comparison, we've flipped the photo to face the same way Kim's is.

So, all we really know right now is that the pic was flipped and there was obviously some sort of filter applied to the one Kim posted, which again, is not anything scandalous in the Instagram world.

One thing that is a little strange, however, is that Kim's zipper seemed to disappear sometime between when the pic was taken and when she posted it. Hmm...?

It does look like the waist might have been digitally cinched a little bit (especially on the back where the zipper should be). Other little differences, like the ones around her hairline, could totally be attributed to the filter - and let's be honest, we've all taken advantage of that little perk.

Aside from the disappearing zipper, it's pretty hard to say either way. What do you guys think?
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