Harry Styles Flirting With Neon Jungle Singer Asami Zdrenka?

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Harry Styles is getting flirty with another woman, but so far no dating rumors have surfaced...yet. It sounds like Hazza's been having some fun with Neon Jungle singer Asami Zdrenka and she's loving every second of it. Who wouldn't?

While the Neon Jungle girls have dished on Asami crushing on Harry before, this time, Asami gave some clear examples of Harry's flirty ways. Color us jealous. Like, Jess says when he sees her bandmate he says, "hiya Asami with the blue hair!" Sigh.

Asami told Now magazine (via EntertainmentWise), "Whenever he walks past me he always pushes me. So the last time I saw him, I did it back but I almost tripped him up." Okay, that's admittedly pretty cute, but Asami noted, "He knows I'm a fan, so the ball's in his court. He's lovely, but I'm not going to chase. When I see him, I smile, but I wait for him to come to me."

Well, we wonder if Harry will make the next move then.
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