Move Over Justin Bieber: Shakira Is Officially the Most Liked Person on Facebook

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Shakira is officially the queen of Facebook.

The "Can't Remember to Forget You" crooner has more likes than any other person on the social networking site, becoming the first ever to hit 100 million likes on Facebook. Shakira told the Wall Street Journal the 100-million fan milestone was "just an unfathomable number," adding that it's "something I never necessarily anticipated but a really welcoming and heartwarming surprise."

As for what pushed her up to 100 million, Shakira's personal posts, including photos of her son Milan, interactions with fans and her World Cup closing ceremony performance definitely were a boost, according to the paper.

"100 million friends on Facebook...that is incredible. Thank you so much for your loyalty and your support and your's really unbelievable. Thank you so much," she said in a Facebook video, blowing a kiss before it ended.

Shakira is still millions of likes above every other celeb, with Eminem trailing behind the closest with 91.8 million, followed by Cristiano Ronaldo at 91 million and Rihanna at 89 Million. Justin Bieber is way behind with 71 million (what's going on Beliebers).
Shakira's 'La La La' World Cup Closing Ceremony Performance

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