Keeping Up With the Kardashians Sneak Peek: Kim Freaks Out During a Zip-Lining Trip

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During the Kardashians' recent vacation in Thailand, the fam went on a zip-lining adventure that was supposed to be a day of high-flying fun for everyone. There's always that one person, though, who inevitably has a mid-vacay meltdown. This, time it was Kim Kardashian.

While everyone is getting ready to ride the line, Kim suddenly busts out the ugly cry. "I don't want to do it!" she exclaims while Kris and Bruce Jenner try to coax her into it.

As much as we would have been trying to talk her into it, too, she did give a pretty good excuse for not wanting to go. "When you become a mom, every decision you make is just different," she said.

It is pretty common for mothers to worry about doing stuff like that, just in case anything happens, so it was sort of sweet to see her "mom side" make a quick cameo.

Then again, Kris Jenner has SIX kids and she was all about it. One thing she wasn't all about during their little family adventure? Bruce.

Check out the clip above to see Kim's freakout and why Kris ended up super annoyed at Bruiser.

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