Lady Gaga Posts "Curvy and Proud" Photo, Forces Body-Shamers to Find a New Hobby

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If there's one thing we're really sick of, it's seeing these "Lady Gaga Is Fat" headlines resurface every couple of weeks.

First of all: NO, she isn't. Second of all: Congratulations on the wonderful message you're sending to girls. If THAT is what you consider "fat," all of the rest of us must be obese.

Fortunately, we're not the only ones who are sick of hearing the Lady Gaga body-shaming. Mother Monster herself has addressed it in more than a few interviews and after the latest round of "fat" stories, she posted this gorgeous pic on her Facebook and Instagram pages with the caption "curvy and proud."

It's sad that she even had to do that, but hopefully this pic made the body-shamers take a serious look at themselves and why they're writing those kinds of stories in the first place.

Did she gain a couple of pounds? Maybe, who knows?!

For anybody who is concerning themselves with her current body fat percentage, we have one suggestion: Go to one of her concerts. They are so much fun, so uplifting and such an absolutely incredible display of artistic talent, the last thing you'll be worried about is what the scale in her bathroom says.
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