What Taylor Swift Secretly Does to Look Flawless for Photogs After Her Gym Workout

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Taylor Swift has been hitting up the gym in New York City a lot lately, and we've noticed one thing, the girl looks AWESOME after a workout. What gives?

According to the New York Daily News, it's not a anti-sweaty or anti-ugly T-Swift gene we're all missing out on or anything. Taylor actually primps herself before leaving the gym. As if?!

Tay apparently clears up to an hour off her schedule so she can have clean up time after she puts in a hard work out. She does it because tons of fans and paparazzi are always outside waiting for her. She goes to the same gym, at the same time every day so they expect here to be there. She pretty much uses the whole situation as a free and easy photo shoot.

Let's be honest, can we hate on her? We'd ALL primp if we knew tons of cameras were outside the gym waiting for us. We can't hate...

The real problem here is that T-Swift doesn't have supernatural, gorgeous powers like we all think she does. Even she gets sweaty and stinky too!
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