And You Thought Your Bed Was Uncomfortable: This Baby Is Sleeping With Snakes

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First of all, where are this kid's parents? Second of all, someone get that baby out of there!

In this video, a baby is sleeping on a makeshift bed while FOUR cobras stand guard. Sure, the baby is protected from anyone who would even think about going near it, but who is protecting the baby from the deadly snakes?!

The shocking video was first uploaded to YouTube back in 2013 and it got a lot of attention back then, but it seems to have gotten an even stronger second wind with a lot of popular sites posting the video again this week.

Aside from the fact that the baby is in a seemingly dangerous situation, the video has also drawn criticism as many believe this "act" is a form of snake-charming, where the snakes' mouths are sewn shut after their fangs are brutally ripped out.

If that's the case, we actually feel really sorry for the snakes...and the baby because again, whether the snakes were de-fanged or not, that just doesn't seem like the kind of situation a baby belongs in.
Shocking Video of Baby Sleeping Surrounded by Cobras
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