Dog Steals Baby's Toy, Apologizes in the Most Adorable Way

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Dogs + Babies = Viral Video Gold.

It's actually a good thing they stopped at dog and baby. If there was a cat crawling into a box or something in the background, the internet probably couldn't have handled it.

This video, which has over 9 million views, shows a dog stealing a baby's toy. When she starts crying, Charlie (the dog) realized that he totally blew it. Instead of just becoming another dog who got shamed on the internet, he apologizes by showering the baby with gifts from his personal stash.

For anyone who doubts that the dog really felt bad, he gave her his Kong tennis ball - any dog owner knows that's some serious s**t right there.

Anyway, the Charlie's apology was accepted and the owner wrote in the video caption that baby and dog are still best buds, which hopefully means we'll be getting another video soon.

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