Cambio Q and A With Colbie Caillat About 'Gypsy Heart' and the ASPCA

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This woman is an inspiration and she doesn't even have to "Try."

Colbie Caillat has a new album, but that's not the only thing she's been promoting. The "Bubbly" and "Fallin' for You" singer is using her fame for good by being a voice for the ASPCA (American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). We chatted with her about the inspiration behind her latest pet projects:

C: Was there a specific artist or song that inspired you to be a singer?
CC: "Lauryn Hill is my main inspiration for wanting to be a singer. I always sang when I was a kid, but when I was 11 I heard Lauryn Hill do a version of 'Killing Me Softy' with the Fugees, and right around the same time Sister Act 2 came out and I loved her singing and was like 'Whoa! What is this kind of singing?' I was raised listening to classic rock and reggae, which I loved, but hearing a soulful singer - that was new. I just listened to her Miss Education record and tried copying all her vocals for years to come."

C: What's the inspiration behind your latest album, Gypsy Heart?
CC: "It's been about a year-and-a-half or two-year process since I started writing and recording. I recorded the whole record, it was a very, like, acoustic Paul Simon vibe. And I played it to my label and they liked it, but they wanted to see if I could try a different sound as well. So I went back and wrote with some amazing people and did a whole different record - one with more uptempo pop and heavy production. So I had these two records that sounded completely different and I wanted to cut them both in half and combine the two. That's what I tried doing and I called it Gypsy Heart cause it's a mix of different styles."

C: We've been big fans of yours since your debut album Coco in 2007. How have you changed and progressed as a musician?
CC: "I get to work with new people all the time. With my first record, every song on that was one of the first songs I ever wrote. I started writing when I was 19, and my record came out when I was 20 and a half. Writing with new songwriters, different producers and learning different techniques from all of them and being comfortable with experimenting with sounds - I think with everyone, they grow in their careers and life and evolve."

C: Why did you get involved with the ASPCA?
CC: "I've been working with animal rescue for a few years now, with the Humane Society and Farm Sanctuary. It's something I'm really passionate about, and the ASPCA - I believe they work just as much. I love that all of them are so big and powerful and helping to drive so much change in the world."

C: You also shot a PSA for them. How did that come about?
CC: "I think they just asked if I wanted to do the PSA. It'll be coming out this summer, and I was absolutely honored to do it. We shot it a few months ago at my house. Just to learn about them and how much money they've raised across the USA and what they're doing now for the rescues in the greater LA area. They've raised 25 million dollars. They find these animals at overcrowded shelters and they drive them to different places so that the animals can be seen more and get rescued."

You can check out Colbie's Gypsy Heart tunes here and find out more about ASPCA here.

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