Girl Boasts About Being "Famous" After Offensive Auschwitz Selfie Goes Viral

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If there was ever a reason not to smile...OR snap a happy selfie, it's when you're visiting Auschwitz. If you don't know about Auschwitz and all of the horrors that happened there, go ahead and Google it, we'll wait.

Back? Now, you can totally understand why this pic is completely inappropriate and has offended so many thousands of people that it's gone viral...and not in a good way.

Even worse still is the way the teenager in the photo has reacted to her newfound infamy. She posted one news article about her offensive act with the caption "I'm famous ya'll." Apparently, she's taking the "any publicity is good publicity" approach.

In an interview with Take Part Live, she tried to explain her smiley selfie, saying that she and her dad planned to visit Auschwitz and he passed away before they could go, so she was feeling sentimental...or something?

We're kinda lost. As if the heart-wrenching history that made this place a landmark wasn't enough, wouldn't that be even LESS of a reason to have a big smile on your face?
'With My Girlies At Auschwitz'

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