Girl Reverse Photobombs Karlie Kloss After Trying to Meet Taylor Swift

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What does the regular, non-celebrity type do when faced with the paparazzi? Strike a pose, naturally. At least that's what one girl did, when it appeared she thought the paps were interested in her. In reality, however, she ended up reverse photobombing model Karlie Kloss. Awesome.

What could have been an awkward situation turned out to be pretty great for aspiring model Kara Dudley. She may have thought the photographers were interested in her initially, but it was really Karlie they were staking out. The model is seen exiting a store while Kara poses for pics, smiling as she walks away.

Turns out Kara had a pretty big laugh over the whole thing, as she told the Mirror she had gone into the Soho store after asking the photographers who they were going to be snapping pics of. She found out Taylor Swift was shopping there and hoped to meet her.

She explained that, after Taylor left, she followed behind her - and since the cameras were still there after the singer left, Kara made the most of the opportunity, saying, "I didn't know what they were doing but I decided to strike a pose anyways because how cool is that!"

She continued, "I called all my friends to tell them that I saw Taylor Swift in Soho, thinking that was the only exciting thing that happened that day. The next day my friend texted me your article with a photo of me in front of Karlie Kloss. Only then did I realize that the paparazzi wasn't for me!"

All's well that ends well, it turns out, as Kara explained it was highly entertaining: "I spent the entire day cracking up over it with my friends and family only to discover that it was on national and international television." Tornado Photobombs Couple's Wedding Photos

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