Is Kylie Jenner's New Style Modeled After Angelina Jolie's Old One?

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Kylie Jenner has changed her style a lot lately. She went from long brown hair to ombre hair with bangs, to short BLUE hair to even shorter black hair...and this is all within a year's time.

Kylie's most recent style looks a lot like Angelina Jolie during her dark days. She's totally committed to it, too - wearing the skull jewelry, the black lipstick and all that goes along with the gothic style.

Turns out, the resemblance to Angie is no coincidence. Earlier this week, Kylie posted this photo of Angelina with the caption "everything."

It's actually crazy how much Kylie is looking like the early 2000's version of Angelina. From the hairstyle and the eerie jewelry (please no blood vials, Kylie) to the 'one eyebrow up' pose and even the super plumped lips.

Speaking of Kylie's lips, a lot of people have speculated that she had plastic surgery or some form of enhancement on them. It actually got to the point where Kylie herself had to set the record straight, tweeting that all of the plastic surgery rumors were hurting her feelings and reminding everyone that she's only 16.

Regardless, now that we take another look at her Angelina-esque lips, we're officially jealous, especially knowing there is some non-surgical secret to them.

Given that Khloe Kardashian's lips are looking a little fuller lately, too, we're going to guess it might be the Kardashian lip-plumping gloss...and we're going to hope like heck that we're right because we want a piece of that plumping action!
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