Kesha Reveals How She Broke into Prince's House

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Kesha is a huge fan of big, that she couldn't help but break into his house a while back.

"It was so easy," the "TiK ToK" crooner told Jimmy Fallon when she appeared on The Tonight Show. "I like cruised up in my dead grandpa's car. I get out and there's a gardener in the front yard and I was like 'here's five bucks, don't make a thing and I'm just gonna slide right under this gate.' He just laughed and thought it was funny, and I was charming at the time. So, I snuck under the fence and then I trolloped up the mountain."

After that, Kesha said she found the door unlocked when she got to the home, adding, "so I was like it's basically an invitation." As she walked inside, she noticed that everything in Prince's home was purple velvet. "I walk into the elevator and there's Prince music playing and then I go up in the elevator, I'm on the phone with my mom like 'I think I might get arrested.' Then, I walk out and there's Prince playing guitar with a beanie on and I almost pooped my pants."

As for what he did when he saw her, Kesha said Prince didn't freak out. Instead, the music icon just "looked at her funny." So, she waved her CD , put it on a table and ran away." When asked if she had heard from Prince since then, Kesha said "not yet."

Maybe she'll hear from him now.
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