Does Kendall Jenner Have a New Man?

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Kendall Jenner tries to keep her love life pretty private. Keyword: Tries.

Unfortunately for the reality star, there is so much interest in every aspect of her life, it's getting more and more difficult.

Before her highly-publicized "friendship" with Harry Styles, Kendall actually had a secret boyfriend for over a year that somehow flew completely under the radar. How they managed to evade the paparazzi and Keeping Up With the Kardashians cameras for that long is completely a mystery to us, but they did it.

Anyway, now rumors are swirling that Kendall is dating NBA player Chandler Parsons. According to Page Six, Kendall and Chandler were spotted having dinner together on Saturday night. They were with other friends, but they "sat next to each other," so clearly things are getting pretty serious.

A source did tell them, however, that during their little 'sitting next to each other' session, they were flirting and "chatted all night." So...there's that.

While we're sure Chandler is a great guy and everything, Kendall's older sisters have set a pretty strong precedent when it comes to relationships with NBA guys.

At this point, it could all come down to a battle of the overused phrases. Will it be "third time's the charm" or "bad things always come in threes"?

Or, there is always the possibility that...they just happened to get seated next to each other during dinner.

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