More Teen Mom Drama: Jenelle Evans Blocks Farrah Abraham on Twitter

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It's no secret that Teen Mom stars Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans do not like each other.

Fortunately, they appeared on different seasons of the show, so they haven't had to interact all that much, but they have managed to get their respective jabs at each other in via Twitter and other online outlets.

Jenelle has primarily taken her shots on Twitter and Keek while Farrah prefers to say her nasty stuff in interviews. Speaking of which, after Jenelle got pregnant with her son Kaiser, Farrah apparently felt the need to speak out on the matter, dissing her in an interview with RadarOnline.

A few months later, Farrah spoke to the site again, saying that Jenelle is "obsessed with being negative" towards her. If anything, it was probably a mutual obsession, but whatever.

Anyway, things seemed to die down for awhile as Farrah is busy with her sex toy line and Jenelle is busy being a mom to her newborn, but somehow she found some time to initiate Round 32 in their ongoing feud.

"Dude... Why in the f**k was my twitter following Farrah for?! #BlockedForever," she tweeted. We know that Jenelle loves utilizing the block feature, but couldn't she have just done it quietly?

Not that we're Team Farrah or anything, it just seems like she was trying to stir up trouble by blasting it out to her 990,000 fans. Even a lot of them felt like it was unnecessary, with many people taking to the comments saying she was just trying to create drama.

Another thing worth noting is that Jenelle is following less than 300 people, so as active as she is on Twitter, wouldn't she have noticed that a long time ago?

What do you guys think?
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