Kim Kardashian Took 1200 Selfies During Family Vacay in Thailand

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Talk about not being in the moment.

Kim Kardashian took a gorgeous family vacay to Thailand and it seems that the only takeaway she had from the trip was over a thousand selfies. 1200, to be exact.

It was honestly kind of sad to see just how obsessed Kim was with taking pictures of herself. It even got to the point where Khloe Kardashian called her out about it in the middle of a family meal, which didn't end well for Khloe.

We have to agree with Khlo on this one, though. Literally, everything they did, Kim was so busy snapping pictures of herself, she was basically ignoring everyone and everything.

If you saw the last two episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, you totally know what we're talking about. If you didn't catch the last two episodes, this deleted scene pretty much sums it all up.

Check out the clip above to see Kim go so deep into selfie land that even Kris Jenner is a little appalled...although, that didn't stop her from offering to help Kim reach her selfie-snapping goal of 1200, which we think probably happened on, like, day two.

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