Justin Bieber Posts Photo of Orlando Bloom Crying on Instagram

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How does Justin Bieber get back at those he's not too fond of? His Instagram page.

The singer just posted another picture aimed at dissing someone, and this time it's not his ex Selena Gomez. Justin shared a pic of actor Orlando Bloom crying, and the dig is so obvious.

The photo JB posted shows Orlando crying...and his own maturity level. The Biebs also posted a sexy picture of Orlando's ex-wife Miranda Kerr on his Instagram page Tuesday night, after news of his fight with Orlando spread. Miranda's picture has since been deleted from JB's page, but Orlando's boo-hoo mugshot is still up there for everyone to see.

All of this nonsense comes after footage of Justin and Orlando fighting in Ibiza went viral. Orlando reportedly swung at the popstar outside a restaurant after he said something rude to him about banging Miranda.

Watch Justin and Orlando's altercation, here. What do you think about the whole Bieber and Bloom fight? Chime in.
Orlando Bloom Punches Justin Bieber
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