Ten-Year-Old Designer Launches Kickstarter to Fund Girl Power Hairbrushes

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You're never too young to be an entrepreneur. Ten-year-old Anya started a Kickstarter campaign to fund a project called Girl Power Hairbrushes. Inspired by her dad's iPhone skins, Anya wanted to make removable hairbrush skins featuring motivational, girl-power driven characters, such as Olivia Olympian, Wise Wendy and Bossy Beth. (See the cool survey she did for "market research" to choose the final six.)

Anya drew all of the characters for the skins herself, then turned them into colorful, digital images with the help of an illustrator. "I gave them personalities and outfits," she says. "For example, because Beth is bossy and sassy, I had her hands on her hips to create that feeling."

As far as Anya knows, she is the first person ever to design removable hairbrush skins.

She has to reach $7500 by August 25 for her project to be funded. For every hairbrush and skin set Anya sells, she's going to donate money to Locks of Love, a charity that makes wigs for kids who have lost their hair due to medical conditions.

We love this idea, because as Anya says, the hairbrushes are made "by girls for girls."

We hope she hits her goal! Her next challenge may be finding the time after school to ship out all of her orders.

"My dad made me promise to ship things out quickly," says Anya, "because he does not want hundreds of hairbrushes sitting in the basement for months and months!"


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