Celebs Take Sides in the Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom Fight

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When you heard about the throwdown between Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom, whose side did you decide to be on? If you are on Team Bloom, don't worry, you're with the majority of people out there.

While a lot of fans got their views out there, celebrities made sure to tweet about the Bieber Bloom brawl, too. Mostly all of them were pretty much pro-Orlando...no surprise there. There was one singer who stuck up for the Biebs, though.

Shortly after footage of Justin and Orlando's fight went viral, Cody Simpson was interviewed on a talk show and asked about the situation. Of course, he stuck up for his buddy Justin...even after those rumors that Bieber was nailing his ex Gigi Hadid.

"Obviously we're all young and he gets himself into some stuff sometimes," Cody said. "He's a person I'd go to for everything. He's like a big brother. He has the world in his hands as he does a lot of good as well. I've got all good things to say."

What do you think about this whole Bieber Bloom brawl? Whose side are you on?
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