Nick Jonas Reveals Demi Lovato "Avalanche" Duet Details: "There's Always Music For Us Together"

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Nick Jonas recently confirmed that he and Demi Lovato have recorded a duet and it'll be on his upcoming album (we're still breathing in a paper bag over the news), but now come new details about the track.

First up, the name: "Avalanche." Second, the content, as Nick noted it's "not a love song," explaining, "She and I recorded a song that I think is beautiful. It's not necessarily a love song. It's so easy to do a duet where it's a love song because our relationship isn't really that. But there is love there for a friend, you know, and it's beautiful to just talk about."

He added, "Any kind of relationship can hit a point where if it's not stable, it's not secure then it's like an avalanche crashing down and that's what that song is about. Her voice is amazing on it and it feels good. I'm excited for people to hear it."

As for other projects with Demi, don't count it out, as Nick explained, "The great thing about our relationship is that we're both pretty much gung-ho to do anything creatively together at any point in time. So if she was like, 'Hey, let's go make that album,' I'd be like, 'All right, cool,' because I'm confident that it's going to be fun and we're going to have a good time making it. And it'll probably end up sounding cool."

While he explained some possibilities, it boils down to their great friendship and love of music: "There's always going to be music for us together. And we've been singing together for so long that it kind of comes naturally."

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It's Official! Demi Lovato To Appear On Nick Jonas' New Album!

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