Teen Artist Quits School Because of Harry Styles? Check Out His Amazing One Direction Portraits

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With an artistic talent for drawing the One Direction guys, Jack Ede, 18, decided to quit school and focus on making portraits. Yeah, it's a bit of a high-risk situation, we'd say, but then we checked out his amazing skills.

He started with a portrait of Louis Tomlinson, which Louis' sister Lottie spread the word about, before moving onto a Niall Horan pic and then Harry Styles. Oh, Harry. That is some quality stuff right there. But, is it worth ditching on your education to pursue it?

Jack decided that doing this full-time was a better bet than school, telling BBC Newsbeat: "The first one was the Louis one and they absolutely loved it. Then I did Niall after that, and they absolutely loved that. Then I built suspense by posting subtle pictures of the progress of the Harry one. When I posted the finished piece, it just went insane."

He added, "There were a few comments where people said, 'I have seen better' and I just thought, 'Fair enough', but most of the comments have been great."

Will it all pay off though? Jack explained, "I want to do all five of them and then a group photo. I have done three so far so I still have a long way to go. It's worth it, I have been offered hundreds of pounds for their drawings."

He did admit, "It was quite scary to drop out of school," adding, "But if you have a dream, then you should go for it."

To be fair, Jack has talents beyond drawing just the 1D lads – check out his Instagram for his amazing artwork.

jack ede one direction louis tomlinson portrait

jack ede one direction niall horan portrait
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