Did Britney Spears Photoshop Her Lingerie Ads?

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Somehow, there is more interest in the ads for Britney Spears' new lingerie line than the ACTUAL lingerie line. Of course, the pop star looks really hot in the pics, but she does look more like the Britney Spears from 1999 than the one from 2014.

A lot of sites have been saying that Britney has Photoshopped the ads and after all of the speculation and accusations have been flying for a few days, we've come to a firm conclusion: WHO CARES?!

Does she look skinnier in the ads than she does in real life? Maybe. Does her hair look a little better...her skin look a little smoother? Yes. And why shouldn't it?

If yearbooks released the names of all of us (yes, US) who checked "yes" box when we were asked "do you want retouching?" on our senior photos, every single one of us would be doomed.

After all, it's just an ad. Why shouldn't it be retouched? She's not advertising some workout plan or skin cream saying 'look how amazing this works,' she's advertising lingerie and if she feels better smoothing some skin for the final photos, who are we to tell her not to?

Maybe the internet photo police should worry less about whether or not she 'shopped the pics and focus more on the fact that she's a super successful woman about to embark on yet another new business venture.
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