Sabina Altynbekova Is "Too Beautiful" to Play on Her Volleyball Squad?

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Sabina Altynbekova is a volleyball player on Kazakhstan's youth squad and the 17-year-old is obviously very pretty. Ironically, her beauty seems to be a disadvantage for the team.

After she competed in the Asian Junior Volleyball Championships in Taipei this year, she started getting so much attention, news outlets started saying she was "too beautiful" to play.

"Sabina Altynbekova Might Be Too Hot For Volleyball?" one headline read. "Is Kazakhstan teen volleyball player Sabina Altynbekova too beautiful?" another asked.

All right, we've got news for you: If David Beckham wasn't too hot to play soccer, nobody is too good-looking to play any sport. Ever.

Apparently, everyone was getting mad because she was attracting so much attention. Even her coach got annoyed, saying there was so much focus on her, it was as if the rest of the team didn't exist.

As for Sabina herself, she told The Daily Mail that she was flattered at first, but really just wants to be known for playing volleyball, not her looks. And while she's been asked to model in the past, her parents are against the idea, so she's going to college instead.

Final Score: Parents=1; Gawkers=0

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