Britney Spears Does Not Look Excited About Her Girls' Night Out

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You know those awkward meet and greet photos we've seen from Britney Spears' concerts in Las Vegas? Turns out, that might just be Brit's way of showing affection.

In this new pic that the pop star posted on her Instagram page, she excitedly shared that she was having a "girls' night" with her pal, except that it looks like more of a bad blind date than a fun night out with a friend.

Usually when you think of a girls' night out, you think of letting loose with your gal pals - going out, having a good time, dancing, acting crazy, whatever.

Girlfriends are not afraid of a little PDA with their BFFs, either. We're not afraid of throwing our arms around each other, hugging, doing duck face selfies where we pretend to be kissing each other on the's just what we do.

So, either Britney totally hates this "friend" (which we don't think is the case) or this is just her new go-to pose, which she should ditch ASAP. Even the 'I don't want my arm to look fat so I'm gonna put my hand on my hip' pose would have made this situation look a little less stiff.

Hopefully things got better as the evening progressed...
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