Who Is the Mysterious "Woman in Black" and Where Is She Now?

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A woman in black has been spotted in Georgia, Ohio and pretty much everywhere in between as she walked from state to state. While she would sometimes accept help from strangers, she would never accept rides.

So, who is this woman in black and what was she doing? While she reportedly told police she was from "an Islamic nation" and worked for the Pentagon, those claims appear not to have been true. What we do know about her, though, is that she's been identified as 56-year-old Elizabeth Poles, from Alabama.

While online communities have been fascinated with her journey and the reason behind it, which she still hasn't explained, it does seem that her pilgrimage has either concluded or at least come to a temporary halt.

According to the New York Daily News, she was spotted in Winchester, VA and after a group of 50 or so people gathered around her, she was taken into police custody for her own protection.

In a statement released by the local police department, they said that she plans on settling down in the area and hopes that people will respect her privacy as she assimilates into the community.

Still, nobody knows why she was walking around or what she plans on doing now that she's settled in Virginia.
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