Mom Punishes Daughter's Bad Behavior by Selling Her Katy Perry Tickets on Facebook

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Well, this sucks.

An 18-year-old learned a hard lesson when her mom decided to punish her in a very public way. And the public humiliation is not even the worst of it because as part of the punishment, her mom sold her Katy Perry tickets.

The mother listed the tickets for sale on a local Facebook "Online Garage Sale" page with a headline that she probably fired off in the heat of the angry moment. "It had a header that said 'Spoiled brat daughter doesn't deserve these,'" she told WDAZ.

The post got so much attention (and a lot of criticism from other parents who disagreed with her discipline style) that it was eventually removed from the page.

Still, the post getting pulled wasn't a lucky break for the daughter because the tickets still managed to sell within five minutes.

As for what warranted denying her daughter the Katy concert, the mom just said she had been exhibiting "disrespectful behavior. Still, it had to be pretty intense for her to sell her kid's Katy Perry tickets right out from under her.

Don't worry, 18-year-old girl (whoever you are), Katy is still at the top of her game, so there will be plenty more concerts to come. Just be nice to your mom, all right? OK, good talk...

(h/t Jezebel)
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