This Swan Wants NO Part of This Guy's Selfie

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Animals do not like being selfie backgrounds, guys. We don't know how many gorillas are gonna have to grab cameras or how many squirrels are going to have to go on strike and attack during the egotistic photo ops, but clearly the world is not ready to accept this concept.

Case in point: This guy. To be fair, swans look like very delicate and peaceful creatures, so it would be easy to be fooled by their ethereal exterior, but they hate selfies just as much as the next animal.

This swan was obviously an experienced selfie saboteur because he totally thought it was hilarious when he ruined the pic (and we can't really disagree with him, it was pretty funny).

The best part? His brother-in-law tells GossipCop that, "He was trying to get the picture to send to his friend that got attacked by one years earlier to show him they weren't that bad."

Mission: NOT Accomplished.

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