Wrong Number Pregnancy Prank: Who Really Got Duped?

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Everyone has been talking about this wrong number pregnancy prank for a couple of days now. "This Just May Be One of the Greatest Wrong Number Text Pranks Ever," E! Online's headline reads. "This Girl Pulled Off The Most Masterful Wrong-Number Prank Of All Time," BuzzFeed declares.

But, did she really, though? When we first read the texts, we thought the same thing, 'oh, she got him GOOD!' and then we took a closer look at the messages and there is one major problem.

Just in case you haven't seen the texts yet, here they are:

All right, so now that you're caught up on the whole saga...are you seeing what we're seeing? If this person is so "random," then who the heck is Marco?

We want to believe that this girl caught a cheater in his tracks, but we find it very hard to believe when the person is IN her contacts (and isn't listed as "random guy I punked").

Either way, her mission was successful because she did manage to fool someone, just maybe not "Marco." What do you guys think...did Marco get duped or did we?
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