Forget Nursery Rhymes, This Kid Just Wants to Hear Some Katy Perry

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We totally feel ya, kid!

This baby is mad and she's just gearing up to throw what probably would have been an epic tantrum, but then mom turns on Katy Perry and things take a drastic turn for the better.

As soon as she hears the first few notes of "Dark Horse," she's like 'YO! ...That's my jam!' All right, she doesn't really say that, but she does the baby version of it and it's awesome.

If she had some pals with her, she'd definitely be pulling them out onto the dance floor right about now. Since she doesn't and she's obviously strapped into her car seat, she improvises. She raises the roof a little, she does some head-bobbin' and the best part - she stops crying!

And there you have it. More proof that we could all use a little more Katy Perry in our lives.

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