This Is the Wrong Way to Celebrate "Take Your Child to Work" Day

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All right, first things first - we're not judging this mom for the fact that she's a stripper. We've all got bills to pay and if that's what she needs to do to put food on the table, who are we to tell her not to?

We ARE judging her, however, for bringing her daughter (and a friend?) to work with her and for bringing them up on stage while she was bumping and grinding right in front of their tiny little faces.

It all went down at a strip club in Thailand, where this mom seems super proud to be showing her child how she brings home the bacon. The poor kid looks understandably confused and a little bit terrified.

We can't help but wonder how the kids even got into the club in the first place. We don't know what the age requirements for strip clubs are in Thailand because it obviously varies from country to country, but we can't imagine anyone anywhere would condone bringing kids into a place like that.

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