Guy Meets Girl on Plane, Falls in Love, Uses Twitter to Find Her #LoveatFirstFlight

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Star-crossed lovers. Fate. Destiny. Call us old romantics, but we're suckers for a sweet love-at-first-sight story. And this one involves social media to find the one who almost got away, so it's extra amazing.

On a flight from Barcelona to Dublin last week, Jamie Kelly, 24, met a Canadian woman named Katie, and sparks flew. At least, they talked the whole way and enjoyed their time together, which is pretty special in itself. Unfortunately, he never got her last name or number and lost track of her when they landed.

Jamie explained to TodayFM (via Daily Mail), "See, I was so engrossed during the flight and being the gentleman that I am, I didn't want to go to the toilet in front of this beautiful girl so I used the time I had at the passport control to nip to the loo. I came back out, waited for another few minutes. No sign."

Turns out, she was worth tracking down, as he and friends got a social media campaign rolling to find her, using the hashtags #findkatie and #loveatfirstflight.

It worked! Katie told CBC News, "I was obviously very surprised and flattered. When I was on the plane I talked to him incessantly because I had just been traveling for two months in Italy and Spain and it was just so nice to be around English speaking people, plus I'm a talker. We had lots in common, plus he was very easy on the eyes."

They'll be meeting (again) soon. Here's hoping for a happy ending.
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