See the Sweet Moment When This Baby Gorilla Was Reunited With Her Mom

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This baby gorilla was born via an emergency c-section and taken away from her mother right away because she had pneumonia and other respiratory problems that required immediate attention.

That being the case, mother and baby had never actually had physical contact, but the bond was already there long before birth. After the baby had been nursed back to health at the veterinary center, she got to "meet" her mom for the first time and it's some pretty sweet stuff.

In this adorable video, we see the moment the baby was placed in the room with her mother. At first, the baby seemed afraid of the unfamiliar environment, but everything changed when her mom came over.

Judging by the mom's behavior, it was pretty evident that she knew right away that her new housemate was her baby, but in case there were some people who thought she was just being kind, what she did next proved that indeed, she knew.

So nice to see mother and baby back together and we're especially glad the little one's lungs are doing better!

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