Keeping Up With the Kardashians Sneak Peek: Kris Jenner Eats THC-Laced Candy and Bruce Isn't Amused

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Not cool, Kris!

When Bruce Jenner comes home and sees that Kris Jenner is in a little too good of a mood, he does a little digging and finds out that she and her mom were eating THC-laced candy.

"Do you know what marijuana is?" Kris asks Bruce. As a matter of fact, he does and he absolutely does NOT want it in the family home.

At first, Kris is just laughs the whole thing off (cause, you know...) and then Bruce aka "Mr. Buzzkill" gets serious with her and he makes a very good point.

"Kris, listen to me..." he says, obviously annoyed that he even needs to have this discussion. "Kendall and Kylie aren't here, I want that s**t out of the house before they get here."

After Bruce lays down the law, Kris looks like a little kid who just got totally busted by their parents, but we're kinda with Bruce on this one. You can't blame him for not wanting his daughters to come home to that.
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