Nobody Wanted This Sweet Elderly Dog, Then an Heiress Stepped In and Now She's Livin' the Dream

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Even Disney would have been hard-pressed to write a happier ending for this thrice-rejected dog.

This is Lady, an elderly black lab who was brought to an animal shelter back in 2012 when her owner passed away. She ended up getting adopted and grew very attached to the family who had taken her in. Unfortunately, they got another dog who didn't get along with her and they brought Lady back to the shelter.

She was then adopted out to a second home, but she missed the first family so much, she walked 30 miles (battling arthritis every step of the way) in search of the family who had rejected her. By some miracle, she did find them...and they still didn't want her. Neither did the second family who had adopted her.

:::Pause for a "heartbreak" break:::

Fortunately, the third time was the charm for Lady. When the shelter posted her story on Facebook, Helen Rich (an heiress to the Wrigley gum fortune) saw it and sent a private jet to go pick Lady up and bring her to her new home.

Long story short, Lady has finally found her forever home, which just so happens to be a 10,000 square-foot house on a 120-acre farm, where she's enjoying the company of 300 other rescue animals.

Annnnddddddd now we're crying again, but happy tears, this time. Thank you, Helen Rich, for being Lady's "happily ever after."
Dog Rejected After 30-Mile Walk To Former Family, Adopted by Millionaire
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