Creepy or Cool? See the 'Human Slinky' in Action

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We are still not entirely sure what the heck we just saw, but we liked it.

We were actually convinced that there wasn't a person inside of there until he popped out at the very end, which prompted us to watch the video again and to be honest, we still don't understand how he pulled it off.

The guy is inside Veniamin's 'Human Slinky' suit, which is actually for sale if you want to "become the Slinkyman," as the eBay listing promises. That's the good news. The BAD news is that the asking price is $1 million.

The Slinky suit is cool and everything, but a million bucks?! That seems pretty steep. There have already been over 200 offers on the 'Human Slinky,' but none of them have been accepted and since the listing is private, we can't see if they were anywhere near the asking price.

Anyone have a million bucks burning a hole in their pocket and want to make an offer?

(h/t Buzzfeed)
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