Jenelle Evans Responds to PETA Criticism

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Jenelle Evans caused a lot of controversy last week after she was accused of mistreating her dogs (especially Nathan Griffith's dog) on Teen Mom 2.

Aside from the fact that she had them basically living in their own filth, she dragged Nathan's dog by the collar and locked him in a crate with her dog where they were crammed in so tight, it was uncomfortable just to watch.

Many fans took to Twitter to express their concern and even PETA got involved, writing an open letter to the reality star, encouraging her to find a new home for the dogs.

Jenelle seemed concerned when she sat down with MTV and said she regretted her actions, but now she seems to be backtracking a bit. She's been retweeting supportive messages from fans, basically saying she didn't do anything wrong and now she's focusing her energy on discrediting PETA.

After a few tweets accusing the organization of killing animals, Jenelle sent them this very mature message, where she shared her final thought on the matter. Stay classy, Jenelle.

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