KFC Thief Sends Anonymous Confession and Repays Restaurant for Stolen Chicken

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When most of us see a buffet, our willpower gets tossed out the window and for some people, their conscience goes right along with it.

"People don't pay for everyone in the family or will fill the last plate and it goes into a plastic bag in a purse," a KFC franchise owner told the Omaha World Herald. "It's an ongoing problem."

That franchise owner has obviously seen this happen many times over the years, but what he's never (ever!) seen is someone fess up to it AND pay him back for what they took...until this guilt-stricken customer came along.

"This $2 is for the piece of chicken I brought home with me on Tuesday. That's stealing. Sorry!" they wrote in an anonymous letter. "I took more on my plate than I could eat and I knew it would get thrown away there because it couldn't get put back on the buffet, so I put it in my purse and brought it home. I do love your chicken!"

As for the owner, he wishes he could find the former thief and not so that he could scold her. "It seems as if her conscience got the best of her," he said. "There was no return address on the envelope. I really wish I knew who it was. I would buy them a few meals."

Is there a requirement that KFC franchise owners be the coolest people ever? Remember that whole situation where the girl's family said they got kicked out of a KFC because her injuries were scaring other customers? That franchise owner offered to throw her and her family a full-on KFC picnic.

Oh, and the company put $30,000 toward her medical bills and said they'd still stand by their contribution even when it came out that it was possibly a hoax.

Sounds like this little saying is about more than just the food:

(h/t GossipCop)
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