Emblem3 Talks Losing Bandmate Drew Chadwick: "There's No Bad Vibes"

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Emblem3's bandmate bros Wesley and Keaton Stromberg are moving on following Drew Chadwick's decision to leave the group.

The duo, who will keep the band intact as a twosome, is looking forward to what's to come and isn't looking back. When asked if they were worried about the future of Emblem 3 without Drew, Keaton told us, "not really."

"Me and Wes just gel together so well and we always have had really good vibes together," he continued. "It just forced us to push harder towards our career and better ourselves. I've had to up my vocal game so much and it's been really cool. It's been a great learning experience and I think it's going to be really awesome from here on out."

"Me and Keaton started a band in our house in the basement when we were nine and 11 years old and music was always our future and our passion," Wes added. "It was our dream. We've always written together and we love doing that."

One of the big things that has helped Wes and Keaton stay motivated is their fans. "We've been on the road without [Drew] for two months and at first we thought it would be a little rough, but it's been the most fun tour we've been on yet," Wes said. "The fans are making the shows so much fun."

Emblem3 With MKTO In Concert"The fans are so loving and supportive," he continued. "They really proved that there's nothing to worry about and they will always be there. The day that it happened we released a song for them called "Love Will Be There" and they blew it up. There were like 200,000 views, and they were like 'no matter what we're going to be here, we love you' and that's how we feel."

And fans have nothing to worry about when it comes to changes with the group's music. Aside from Keaton singing more on their upcoming album, Keaton and Wes plan to hold on to their "reggae/rap sound," and they won't be looking for a third member to replace Drew...at least not yet.

"We thought about [replacing Drew], but we think the smoothest way to go about it is to just do the brother duo," Keaton said. "There's not really another brother duo out there so we can feel that void, and I don't know if the fans would like us replacing Drew. They would probably rather he do his thing, we do our thing and they support both."

Emblem3 will be hitting the stage Wednesday at Pop-Tarts' free 2014 Crazy Good Summer Concert at the Rosemont Theatre in Chicago, which will be live streamed on Yahoo! At 5:40 p.m. PT/8:40 p.m. ET.

Fans can score tickets to the show by visiting Pop-Tart's Crazy Good Summer Concert Series site.
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