Kendall Jenner "Was Raised Better" Than Tossing Money in Waitress' Face

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Kendall Jenner is hitting back against a report she was a disrespectful diva while dining with Hailey Baldwin in NYC.

According to PageSix, the 18-year-old was eating at the Mercer Kitchen and after the waitress refused to serve her alcohol, she decided to dine and dash without paying the tab or leaving tip.

When her server supposedly chased her down to settle her tab, the supermodel allegedly threw money in the girl's face, which is a pretty rotten move. Her waitress, Blaine Morris, even Tweeted about the reported incident afterwards.

But now, Kendall's claiming she would never behave so badly, because her parents taught her better. In interviews and on TV, Kendall's always seemed like a nice girl, so we're glad to hear this apparently wasn't the way it went down. It's interesting that she doesn't deny trying to order drinks despite being underage though.

And considering we once saw Scott Disick physically stuff hundred dollar bills into a waiter's mouth, the story didn't seem all that crazy.

Who do you believe: Kendall or the waitress?
Kendall Jenner Accused of Throwing Money at Her Waitress

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