North West Appears Deep in Thought During Her Solo Modeling Debut

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While most babies are mugging for their moms' iPhones, North West was busy posing for Vogue with her uber famous parents and now she's just made her solo modeling debut in the CR Fashion Book.

"It's never too early to care about fashion," a Karl Lagerfield quote next to her reads. While the 13-month-old definitely appears deep in thought, we very much doubt she's thinking about fashion. In fact, she's more than likely thinking about some person who is standing just out of frame holding a toy or a rattle.

Either way, that distant stare has kind of become North's signature pose (because every baby needs one). During mom Kim Kardashian's recent appearance on the TODAY show, she joked that when paparazzi cameras are around, little Nori either does an "angry Kanye [West] face" or "a pose."

In this case, we're definitely seeing 'the pose' and man, it's cute! "She'll be cracking up and then the second the camera comes on, she's like [doing that pose]," Kim said.

Maybe there's a future for North in modeling? She's certainly got the genes for it and it sounds like she's catching on pretty quick. Plus, her resume isn't too shabby, either.
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