The Top 9 Scenes in Space Babe Ariana Grande's "Break Free" Music Video

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Ariana Grande is on fire these days. Sometimes, literally. Everyone's buzzing about Ari blasting missiles out of her breasts in her new music video for "Break Free," the second single off her upcoming album, My Everything. While that instance in the intergalactic video is definitely hot, there are other cooler moments. And c'mon, we've seen that sort of thing from Katy Perry (twice - whipped cream and fireworks!) and Lady Gaga. Check out the top scenes:

1. The stunning space couture

Tumblr, sweetariiana; YouTube; Tumblr, dailyarianagifs

2. The glowing pink lip gloss. Where do we get one?!


3. The sexy close-ups

Tumblr, 4rianagrande; Tumblr, dailyarianagifs

4. The guy-on-male Klingon kiss because heck yeah!


5. This badass Barbarella-esque move

Tumblr, dearbuteras

6. When this adorbs Dumbo-meets-Harry Potter's Dobby creature makes a cameo. Oh, hey, Beats by Dre! Guess we know where the funds for the video came from


7. This hair toss

Tumblr, dailyarianagifs

8. When Ari shoots an alien that turns out to be archnemesis Mariah Carey. Bet you didn't catch that!

Tumblr, arianagran

9. Last but not least, the moment everyone's talking about: Ari shooting missiles out of her breasts - complete with obligatory hair flip. Werk!

Tumblr, sassmine

Watch the video for yourself and tell us what your favorite part is!


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