Kendall Jenner Suing Mad at Waitress Who Claimed She Threw Money in Her Face

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Kendall Jenner wants an apology, or else.

After a waitress took to Twitter to accuse the 18-year-old of bailing on a bill at Mercer Kitchen after she refused to serve her alcohol, then throwing money in her face when she flagged her down outside to settle the tab, Kendall is lawyering up and threatening to sue.

According to TMZ, the model thinks she's been defamed by her server, Blaine Morris, who's also an aspiring actress. In the letter written by lawyer Marty Singer, they admit Kendall was at the restaurant and accidentally left without paying.

However, they claim that once approached outside, the E! reality star wasn't rude at all and was instead "extremely apologetic", covering the $33 bill plus $7 for tip, which she "politely handed" to her, instead of tossing it in her face.

Kendall's lawyer says Blaine, who's also an actress, is just trying to get buzz by making up a story. "Although you are working as a waitress at Mercer Kitchen, I understand you are also a struggling actress," the letter states. "You no doubt concocted a fictionalized account of your encounter with my client in order to create publicity for yourself."

Blaine's since deleted the accusatory Tweet from her account, so it seems Kendall's legal eagle made her think twice about badmouthing the model.
Kendall Jenner Slams Report, She Would Never Disrespect a Waitress

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