Kids Try Warheads for the First Time: Watch Their Hilarious Reactions

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Why anybody even eats Warheads in the first place is a complete mystery to us. That being the case, you can imagine why that makes us even more confused by the fact that we love them, too.

There is some strange thrill in going to the depths of sour misery and then being pulled out of it by the soothing taste of sweetness. We can't really explain it, but we can confirm that the phenomenon does exist.

Don't believe us? Try sucking on a lemon knowing there is no sweet reward at the end and tell us how you feel about it. Yeah, Warheads win all the way.

When a teacher in Korea heard that his students had never heard of the popular candy, he bought a whole bunch of them and let them experience the tastebud roller coaster that is eating a Warhead.

To be fair, he did tell them that they would be "sour" for a few seconds, but anyone who's ever eaten a Warhead knows that simply saying they're "sour" is a completely inadequate description of the hell your mouth is about to endure.

(h/t EliteDaily)
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