These Are Miley Cyrus' Crazy Dating Rules

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You thought Taylor Swift was picky when it came to her men right? Well, you haven't seen Miley Cyrus' list of must-haves when it comes to her man.

According to Heat magazine, Miley has a list of intense rules for her men-to-be while out on dates. Apparently her assistant arranges what the guy must wear, do, and talk about on the date. She's also not into flowers, so he's banned from bringing her those.

There's more. The men she goes out with must stay two feet away from her on the first date, and can't show any sort of PDA. Forget a phone or camera on the date, too.

The twerking queen doesn't want any average Joe, either. Her guy must "be a drop-dead model-worthy, six-pack-owning hunk."

Do you think Miley's dating rules are a little cray? What are your must-haves for potential lovers?
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