This Celeb Gets Mistaken for Ed Sheeran All the Time...and Goes Along With It

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Does Ed Sheeran have a twin? No, but there is another famous person out there that looks A LOT like the ginger singer.

Harry Potter star Rupert Grint recently revealed in an interview with BBC Match of the Day Magazine that people often think he's the "Lego House" singer. He's not offended by the comparison either, he actually goes along with it.

"People think I'm Ed Sheeran," Rupert said. "They compliment me on my music career and I just play along with it! It's never too bad, you get the odd person staring at you but it's pretty manageable."

We can see where people are coming from. The guys totally do look alike. Rupert actually starred in Ed's music video for "Lego House."

Do you think Ed and Rupert look like each other? Which guy would you prefer?
Is It a Bird? Is It Ed Sheeran? No, It's Rupert Grint!

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